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An Jin×Toge Inumaki Self-insert OC.

By clicking on the YES button, you agree to the conditions as below:

1. No content from this site may be shared externally in any way, such as screenshots or downloads, including but not limited to.

2. Be polite, be kind. Do not harass the author of this site, no hate speech on any characters & pairings.

3. No stealing, editing, sharing or reposting of any arts & fictions published on this site.

4. Plagiarism & reproduction of the arts & fictions are strictly prohibited.

5. No fandom drama, shipping war & character (canon & OC) bashing is allowed.

6. If you feel uncomfortable about my ship, you should stop here & quit.

7. Acts like spying, open trial aren't tolerated here.


1. 不可以任何方式(截圖、下載、打字等)轉載本站內容。

2. 當個文明人,請不要惡意騷擾本站潑主、請勿惡意攻擊任何角色與CP。

3. 請勿盜用、篡改、分享或轉載本站任何文繪作品。

4. 嚴禁抄襲、仿冒描製本站任何文繪作品。

5. 請不要把同好群組和坑裡的瓜、CP戰和惡意黑角色搬過來引戰。

6. 如果您拒同擔嫁或我的夢向雷到您,請就此止步並退出。

7. 這裡嚴禁海巡、炎上、公審等夢原腐粉圈不良風氣。


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